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Posted on 12-04-2017

Protect Your Pets From Toxic Chemicals

Pets can be inquisitive. If they see something new or interesting lying around, they may go sniff it, chew on it or ingest it. Unfortunately, there are many chemicals that can be harmful to your pets if they are ingested. As such, you need to be active in protecting your pets. Here at Colony Animal Hospital, our Germantown animal hospital treats pets who have ingested toxic items all of the time. We want to educate pet owners on this topic to help minimize the number of sick pets we treat due to toxic chemicals. Here is some information you need to know. 

dog looking from a doorway

What Household Items Can Be Toxic

There are many items in and around your home that can be toxic to pets. Some of these items are food, including chocolate and caffeine. Others are chemicals that you use to clean your home, such as bleach, cleaning sprays and laundry detergent. Another item around your home that can be extremely toxic to a pet is antifreeze. While you may use this to prevent your car from freezing during the winter months, it can be lethal if your pet gets into it. 

What to Do If They Have Ingested Something Toxic

If your pet has ingested something that is toxic, your best bet is to contact a Germantown animal hospital and let them know what is going on. They can advise you as to whether the chemical your pet ingested is toxic and how to proceed. In many cases, they will recommend that you bring your pet in. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pets and toxic chemicals. 

What Are the Signs Your Pet Ingested Something Toxic

Unfortunately, the symptoms that your pet may exhibit if they have ingested something toxic varies based on the chemicals that they ingested. But some of the more common signs include swelling around the mouth or swelling of the tongue. Your pet's gums may look swollen, red or even blue. Your pet may be having neurological symptoms, including trouble standing or walking, or even seizures. Lastly, your pet may be drooling excessively, attempting to vomit or be actually vomiting. 

Is Your Pet Protected From Toxic Chemicals?

If you have reason to believe your pet has ingested toxic chemicals, you will want to contact a vet and listen to their advice. Most will want you to get your pet to a veterinarian in Germantown as quickly as possible. The sooner you are able to get your pet treatment, the better the outcome may be. 

Protecting your pets from toxic chemicals is important. If you need a vet in Collierville, Southhaven, Memphis, Olive Branch or Germantown due to ingested chemicals, let Colony Animal Clinic help. Schedule an appointment by calling (251) 928-7728

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